The Story


 Once upon a time, not so long ago, Danielle and Suzanne were sitting around the dinner table with their family eating a slice of Danielle's home made strawberry pie.  The pie was so good that it spurred on the idea of creating The Pie Piper - an American style bakery-coffee shop where pie and happiness could be shared.  So Danielle and Suzanne got to work.  They baked their way across Auckland's farmers markets until they could realize their dream of a shop which is now on Auckland's iconic, Karangahape Rd.

Again, sitting around the family table eating another slice of dessert pie, another idea was born.  This time from Leal, Danielle's husband.  He was tired of not being able to get a good American style donut.
 "You bake pie," he said to Danielle.  "Why don't you make donuts?"
 So Danielle got to work and started making donuts.  (Supervised by Suzanne of course.)

Suzanne and Danielle Butler
Suzanne and Danielle and their first donuts Leal was very happy because he had a cup of coffee in one hand, and a donut in the other, and then he had another idea.
"It would be even better if you could deliver donuts with a team of super hero Donuteers.  How about you create a donut delivery service and call it Doornuts?"
So once again, Danielle and Suzanne got to work and Doornuts was created.

Like The Pie Piper, Doornuts is about making something delicious and sharing the happiness with friends and family. #DoornutsandDreams  When you visit our shop, we hope you feel the love.

 All our donuts are made from scratch.  Our yeast raised donuts take approximately ten to twelve hours to make, and are hand-rolled, hand cut and decorated.   The best bit about making donuts, is the fun our Donuteers have in coming up with new flavours and ideas.

So next time you eat one of our donuts and then decide you can eat another one despite telling yourself that you maybe shouldn't, you can either thank Leal for coming up with the idea, or blame him. :)

We hope you come say hi enjoy our donuts!  Please be sure to introduce yourself!