Fairy Bread Donut (F)

Rescue me!

Fairy Bread Donut (F)


We make all our donuts fresh and from scratch!

How do you eat your Fairy Bread?  Do you eat it as is?  Or do the 100's and 1000's get eaten first?  

We dunk our Doornut in a buttery glaze, and then smoosh as many 100's and 1000's as possible on top.

Our donuts are made fresh every day and made-from-scratch.  Our Donuteers hand roll, cut and decorate each one, which means each donut may vary in appearance.

Allergens:  Wheat, whole milk, whole eggs, may contain traces of nuts and soy

Allergens: Wheat, Dairy, Whole eggs, Soy and may contain traces of ground and tree nuts
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