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Vegan Box


We make all our donuts fresh and from scratch!

It took us a while to come up with our vegan raised donuts.  Perseverance was the key!  Now we're pleased to offer an awesome raised donut that rivals our regular raised donut recipe.

This box has an assorted dozen (12) vegan raised donuts:

  •  1 Judge Bao 5-Spice 
  • 1 Mint Chocolate Chip
  •  2 Cherry Berliners 
  •  2 Cookies n' Cream with Oreos 
  •  2 Chocolate Rainbow 
  •  1 PP & J 
  •  1 Strawberry Shortcake 
  •  1 Blue Frog Breakfast Crunchy Peanut Butter 
  •  1 Lime in the Coconut 

  For our vegan donut range, we make our icings and ganaches with juices, coconut and nut milks, and we use Lubecca dark coventure chocolate.

If you'd like to create your down Doornuts Dream Box, go to our DIY Donut Box section.

Doornut donuts are made fresh every day and made-from-scratch by our Donuteers.  Our raised donuts take 12 hours start to finish so the dough can develop  flavour.  We roll, hand cut and decorate each one, which means each donut may vary in appearance.

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 Allergens:  Wheat, contains nut and coconut milks and may contain traces of soy


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